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"We came to Batya after about a year with a different therapist who appeared to dismiss my concerns. It didn't seem like we were making any progress after all that time. After changing to Batya, we immediately saw positive results with her coaching and using the interactive "tools" she had given us to practice. Each visit resulted in positive change in opening the lines of communication. We were able to understand each other better by utilizing communication tools which helped us stay focused, and alleviated misinterpreted comments, thus avoiding potenteial arguments or hurt feelings." -Bob and Linda

"Batya has saved my sanity. Due to life changing events, my "fight and flight" response was through the ceiling, and I was in a constant state of panic. Breathing techniques helped me calm my system down. Her ability to put things into a perspective that has a calming and goal oriented effect." -Marie

"I started going to Batya because I was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I was unhappy personally and it was affecting my marriage. Life was spiraling out of control. Batya helped me resolve all my issues through both private and couples therapy. I 'graduated' from therapy about four months ago and am thrilled with my personal growth and Batya's guidance and help. I would recommend her highly."  -Susan